Minggu, 05 September 2010

Dimana Kemampuan Anda....?

Milikilah beberapa kemampuan umum yang seharusnya ada pada diri kita masing - masing, so pelajari beberapa kemampuan di bawah ini :

Communicating is everything from writing report to issuing instructions.

Influencing is that includes persuading, negotiating, and promoting ideas.

Managing is everything to do with managing other people

Problem - Solving is analyzing and drawing conclusions and coming up with solutions.

Creativity is generating ideas, seeing thing in the round having an open mind.

social skill is not just relating to people but having insight, helping others, facilitating

Numerical is figures, statistics, accounts and these day, computers.

Administration is everything from running a tight ship and attention to detail, to thorough project management.

Special skill is here such skills as speaking a foreign language, computer literacy unusual technical skills, etc.